The key to 45SURF photography is that I always see every model as a classic, epic goddess.  What defines beauty?  She does, and my job is to try and catch that definition as best I can—the classical angles and archetypes.  “Ecce deus fortior me, qui veniens dominabitur michi,” was how Dante put it. “Here is one greater than me who inspires me,” and all art must be approached with great humility and respect for the subject.

“It’s cool to surf, but sometimes you’ve got to cowboy!  45SURF!” –Autumn Wests

The 45SURF philosophy is that the most exalted beauty is the free, fun, and natural beauty, which is what we shoot for out there.  High tide or low tide, cloudy or sunny, or morning, noon, or night—the beach is the world’s greatest studio.

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